SMRC aims to be a global player in the Automotive Market through competitive partnerships with its suppliers worldwide, innovating and developing technology to satisfy customers and bring value to shareholders.

Our Purchasing team has the mission of buying at the most competitive price, reducing costs and improving quality, working with global and local suppliers in all the regions where we operate.

We have implemented effective processes to comply with our quality, cost effectiveness and performance standards in order to build sustainable relationships with our Suppliers.

Purchase Terms & Condtions

Please download here the SMRC Purchase Terms & Conditions: SMRC Purchasing T&C

Registration for SMRC Suppliers

You are already a SMRC Supplier and you want to register to get access to the SMRC Supplier Portal. To retrieve an ID, reset a password or register to access the Supplier Portal, please click here to send your request: Supplier Request

Interested in becoming a SMRC Supplier?

Companies interested in becoming a supplier to SMRC should send a complete documentation on their products and services to the Purchasing Team who will review the proposal.


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