Key values


As the SMRC group evolves, we remain committed to a series of values which has embodied our spirit over the years.


SMRC group key values

5 main values create on a day to day basis the spirit of the SMRC group among the teams to serve customers and provide partners and shareholders trust and reliability.


picto_5The 1st value is Safety. We strive to ensure Safety for the SMRC teams throughout the industrial process in all locations worldwide.




The 2nd value is Commitment, since SMRC teams are committed to deliver quality products and services to our customers. This has been recognized  by our customers through several Quality Excellence Awards.



picto_1The 3rd value is Innovation, we pursue new creative ideas and technologies that continuously improve vehicle interiors.



picto_4The 4th value is Empowerment since we encourage our SMRC teams to take initiative and give their best. We empower them to lead and make decisions for the good of our customers, shareholders and business partners.



picto_3The 5th value is Ownership, as a consequence of the 4th value it is a clear state of mind shared by our teams. In fact, we organize our Company in such a way that all employees feel accountable for what they do to serve our customers.

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