Global footprint

In order to serve our customers better, we have coordinated our global footprint to drive growth in the local markets.

We have implanted our engineering and innovation capabilities originally in France but we also developed local engineering centers in Asia, Europe and South America for a higher reactivity and close to customers’ R&D.

It is our strong belief that implanting manufacturing plants near to Global OEMs increases quality and service. In this perspective we continue to implant manufacturing footprint at close proximity to customers’ facilities: originally in traditional automotive centers such as Western Europe, and increasingly in emerging countries (Asia, South America) and low cost areas (Eastern Europe, Morocco).

SMRC has 17 manufacturing sites, 2 just-in-time assembly sites and 4 engineering centres located in Europe, Asia and South America. This allows SMRC to compete efficiently for OEM programs that span several continents.

Global Footprint

Global Footprint

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